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About Us

3T Group Tekstil is a textile company established in Antalya in 2017. Our company moved to Istanbul in 2019. Our company, which was founded on Teoman Akın İnan's 25 years of experience in the textile industry, serves in many areas of textile. Raw and dyed fabric exports, ready-to-wear products, yarn are the areas where our company provides services to its customers.

Mission and Vision

3T Group Tekstil responds to the needs and wishes of its customers by satisfying them at the highest level. In this process, it protects ethical and moral values and gives importance to these values. As a responsible company, it gives importance to the social rights and needs of its employees. 3T Group Tekstil aims to expand its export network by moving its customer network beyond Europe in the next 5 years. It aims to be one of the few textile companies in Turkey in the next 10 years. It is seen that these targets are achievable with the increasing customer base and annual turnover.

Fabric Production

Our company provides services in knitted fabrics. We have a wide range of products such as cotton, polyester, viscose, lycra fabrics, two-yarn and three-yarn fabrics, raising fabrics and flame fabrics. We cooperate with ANATEKS company, which has 160 knitting machines and 150 tons of monthly fabric dyeing capacity. At the same time, we are the Italian distributor of ANATEKS. Our company also meets the needs of its customers in organic products.

Apparel Production

Our company serves many brands with a monthly production of 150,000 pieces of ready-to-wear clothing. The cuttinghouses and other workshops we work with are approved by important companies. We meet the garment needs of our customers at home and abroad in line with their needs.


Confezzioni Manuela SRL – Italy
IMAC Tessuti SRL – Italy
Kenneth Cole – the USA
Firstage – Italy
Jinga Clothing – the USA
DeFacto – Turkey
L.C. Waikiki – Turkey
LTB – Turkey
Retro Clothing – the UK
BigShop – the USA